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Foreclosure & Repossession

Foreclosure & Repossession Lawyer in McDonough

Stop Foreclosure & Repossession with Help from an Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer 

If you have missed payments on your house or your car, you run the risk of losing them for good. Creditors have the right to seize your property if you fall behind on what you owe. At Attorney Lisa M. Roberts, P.C., we help people learn how to save their homes, their cars, and other property by filing bankruptcy. In Macon and Stockbridge, we welcome you to sit down with us to share your concerns. Then we promptly and efficiently file your bankruptcy claim to get you immediate relief.  

No matter what circumstances led to your current situation, we have the skill and experience in bankruptcy law to help you. Call our McDonough foreclosure and repossession attorney at (678) 509-6170 today to get started.

Preventing Foreclosure On Your Home 

Avoiding home foreclosure is the first priority of most people considering bankruptcy. We make it our priority, too. With more than 15 years of experience as a Macon bankruptcy attorney, we have helped countless clients through the process of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. 

She thoroughly explains your options, including: 

  • Delaying the foreclosure by filing for bankruptcy 
  • Fighting the foreclosure in court if your rights were violated by a mortgage lender 
  • Stripping a second mortgage lien from your home, making it more affordable by reducing monthly payments 

The first step is to get information from a trustworthy bankruptcy attorney. With offices in both Stockbridge and Macon, GA, Attorney Lisa M. Roberts, P.C. is here to answer any questions you may have and help you use the federal bankruptcy code to your advantage. 

Stopping Repossession with Georgia Bankruptcy 

If you buy a car, truck, or other vehicle, it is important to remember that they may be repossessed by creditors if you fall behind on your payments. Filing for bankruptcy will stop a repossession action against you. 

In Georgia, state law outlines strict rules creditors must follow when repossessing property. Any deviation from these rules may be a violation of your consumer rights. Stockbridge and Macon bankruptcy attorney Lisa Sampson-Roberts is well-versed in the laws that govern repossession and can help you protect your rights, keep your property and eliminate or reduce your debt. Take the first step to debt relief with experienced Macon bankruptcy filing 

Call Today to Begin

If you are facing home foreclosure, we can help you receive an automatic stay to stop creditors from taking action. Sit down with us to confidentially discuss your concerns at our convenient Stockbridge or Macon offices. 

Call us at (678) 509-6170 or contact Attorney Lisa M. Roberts, P.C. online today. Your initial consultation is free. We are happy to schedule an evening or weekend appointment if needed, and we welcome Spanish-speaking clients.